Marques Whippy

Player Info

  • Full Name:Marques Whippy
  • Height:192cm
  • DOB:05 Feb 1986
  • Hometown:Suva, FIJI.
  • Position:Forward
  • Number:44
  • Playing History:
    • Brigham Young University of Hawaii
    • Mallorca Basketball (Spain)
    • Otago Nuggets 2014
  • Favourite NBA Team/Player:San Antonio Spurs
  • Favourite Food:Tahitian Food
  • Other Trivia:

    Sports Played When Younger: Everything, just not Netball

    I Couldn’t Live Without: My Wife and daughters

    Favourite Music: Moana Soundtrack

    Favourite Sports Star: Michael Jordan

    Person Who Has Most Influenced My Hoops Career: My Parents (Mother)